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How Long Does it Takes to Hike Kilimanjaro


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How Long Does it Take to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

Reaching the summit and descending to the finishing point takes between five to nine days. The more days you spend on Mount Kilimanjaro, the higher your chances of successfully summiting, as you will have more time to acclimatize to the altitude and reduce fatigue.

Trekkers who opt for a 5-day climb have the lowest summit success rate. In contrast, those who spend 8 or 9 days on the mountain have a significantly higher chance of reaching the summit. Learn more about the best routes to climb Kilimanjaro and the time each route requires.

Factors affecting how long it takes to climb Kilimanjaro

Several factors influence the duration of a Mount Kilimanjaro climb. The chosen route significantly impacts the time required, with options ranging from 5 to 9 days. Proper acclimatization is crucial, as longer itineraries allow the body to adjust to the altitude, reducing the risk of altitude sickness and increasing summit success rates. Weather conditions, physical fitness, and the size and pace of the trekking group also play important roles. Health issues, trekking experience, and the quality of guides and support teams can affect progress. Additionally, logistical aspects like permits and preparations can influence the start and end dates of the climb. Considering these factors helps in planning a successful and enjoyable ascent.

How long does it takes to hike Kilimanjaro on each route?

The time it takes to hike Mount Kilimanjaro varies by route. The Marangu route takes 5-6 days and is the only one with hut accommodations. The Machame route, known for its challenging terrain and scenic views, takes 6-7 days. The Lemosho and Shira routes each take 7-8 days, with the latter starting at a higher altitude. The Rongai route, which approaches from the north, takes 6-7 days and is less crowded and drier. The Northern Circuit, the longest and least crowded route, takes 8-9 days, offering excellent acclimatization. Lastly, the Umbwe route, the shortest and steepest, takes 6-7 days and is recommended for experienced climbers. Each route’s duration and difficulty level cater to different preferences and acclimatization needs.

How long Does it take to descend Kilimanjaro?

Descending Mount Kilimanjaro typically takes about 1 to 2 days, depending on the route and the climber’s pace. After reaching the summit, trekkers usually spend the rest of the summit day descending to a lower camp, and then complete the descent to the trailhead the following day. The rapid descent can be demanding on the knees and legs, so it’s important to pace yourself and use trekking poles for support.

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