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Marangu – Kilimanjaro Route

Route Overview

The Kilimanjaro Marangu route, nicknamed the ‘Coca Cola’ route, has historically been the most popular Kilimanjaro route. Around 12,000 people use it each year, most commonly those on a tight budget. This is because it’s the only Kilimanjaro route offering dormitory-like accommodation (you get mattresses and other basic amenities). This makes it a popular choice for budget Kilimanjaro operators that don’t have camping equipment to offer​.​

The Marangu route also only takes five days to complete, which makes also makes it a cheaper option compared to the other routes. However, the acclimatisation profile is mediocre which leads to a very low success rate, therefore not offering the best value for money. And whilst it offers rewarding views from ‘the Saddle’, it’s less scenic than other Kilimanjaro routes as it uses the same trail for both the ascent and descent. Otherwise, the route itself is easy, with almost no steep sections. The rainforest and moorland sections of the trail are beautiful.

Overnight Stay in Huts

Marangu is the only route on Kilimanjaro with overnight stays in huts. Excellent for rainy season climbs.

Stunning Sceneries

Mesmerizing scenic vistas of Mt Kilimanjaro await you. Visual euphoria and amazing photos guaranteed.

Affordable Route

The easiest, cheapest and most established path out of the seven Kilimanjaro routes.

Bottled Oxygen

Each expedition is supplied with unlimited bottled oxygen for making acclimatization less stressful.

Marangu Route | Kilimanjaro Hiking Tours

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Marangu Route 6 Days - Kilimanjaro Hike
Mount Kilimanjaro
6 days
4.63 by 8 reviews
  • Location4.63
  • Amenities4.63
  • Services4.63
  • Price4.63
  • Rooms4.63
4.63 /5
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Marangu Route 5 Days - Kilimanjaro Hike
Mount Kilimanjaro
5 days
4.63 by 8 reviews
  • Location4.63
  • Amenities4.63
  • Services4.63
  • Price4.63
  • Rooms4.63
4.63 /5
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Marangu Route - Summit Success Rate

We’ve collected lots of data on every route regarding summit success rates. We believe those numbers to be fairly accurate. Below you can see the summit success rates on our Marangu route expeditions:

  • Marangu 5-day itinerary – Uhuru Peak: 83.8%; Crater Rim: 88.0%
  • Marangu 6-day itinerary – Uhuru Peak: 86.6%; Crater Rim: 93.14%

Note that the Marangu route 6-day itinerary has a higher summit success rate than its 5-day variation. Overall, the Marangu route itineraries have a lower summit success rate compared to routes such as Lemosho 7-day or Machame 7-day. This is due to the steeper acclimatization profile. While Marangu 6 is generally suitable for reasonably fit beginners, the 5-day variation is recommended only for experienced high-altitude trekkers or travelers with good prior acclimatization.

Marangu Route - Expert Advice

The Marangu route offers scenic views of the southern slopes of Kilimanjaro. However, the fact that it uses the same path for ascent and descent limits the variety of sceneries and makes the trail fairly crowded. While the 5-day itinerary might sound tempting, it is much more challenging due to harsh acclimatization. So, beginners should consider the 6-day variation or any 7+ day itinerary on other routes.

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