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Tanzania Cultural Day trips

Materuni waterfalls & Coffee tours

Materuni waterfalls is located in Materuni village in Kilimanjaro region just lying at the foothills of the mountain Kilimanjaro. The waterfalls lie about 1 hours from Moshi town, it’s located in near Chagga people’s coffee plantation at Materuni village that give us spectacular view at the base.  Historical the Chagga people are third tribe in Tanzania over 120 tribes founded in Tanzania. They live under the foothill of Kilimanjaro Mountain. Most of attractions surrounded is waterfall hike, botanical garden, forest birds, Chagga tradition culture and coffee process. The waterfall hike will take you along the forest riverine and you will discover  nature beauty of the forest and riverine on the slope of mount Kilimanjaro.

Kikuletwa (Chemka) hot springs

The Kikuletwa (Chemka) hot springs located in Rundugai village just lies 45 kilometers from Moshi town. This natural little oasis pool are very unique hot water gushes out of the underground. The water of this spring are blue and crystal clear in color. The hot spring is surrounded by a habitat of semi-arid landscape and huge fig arch tree such as ficus thoningii and ficus sycomorus of which is semi-arid plant. The Kikuletwa Chemka hot springs are the good place to enjoy while you’re in vacation and one of the best activities to do around Moshi and Arusha area. The accessibility to reach, there is several roads that will take you there. There is Boma Ng’ombe road, TPC sugarcane farm road. Most attractions surrounded is Kikuletwa hot springs. Major activities to do in Kikuletwa hot spring is swimming, Maasai boma, bird watching, local food make. The hot spring pool is situated under lush trees and surrounded the pool. On the shore spring you can make tented camping around and enjoy your beautiful scenery while with bon fire at night.

Marangu cultural and Coffee tours

Marangu is a Chagga village tribe located in Kilimanjaro region the village divided into two part Marangu East and West each one with its own village, it’s one of the most fascinating place in East Africa as known as one of the main and oldest route of climb Mount Kilimanjaro are found. On the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro Marangu is surrounded with many waterfalls like Kinukamori waterfalls, Kilasia waterfalls, and Ndoro waterfalls. And local coffee plantation farms. Marangu village is the largest marketplace of sale bananas.

The far distance from Kilimanjaro international airport to Marangu village is almost takes 1hours 10m to drive 78.4 km from Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO) to Marangu. Attractions to visit is waterfalls, coffee plantation tour, Kilimanjaro day hike up to Mandara hut, Chagga museum, and history of chief of wa Chagga (Mangi Marialle) major activities is waterfalls, Kilimanjaro day hike, coffee tour, traditional local foods and local brews.

Lake Chala tours

Lake Chala is a Tanzania unique caldera lake form with beautiful sight of blue-green color water, the water is formed from the underground water spring, from source of Mount Kilimanjaro. Lake Chala has a great concentration of wildlife diversity. From the lush lake shore forest to spectacular volcanic and savannah habitat from the river bank, marvelously carved through ancient sedimentary rocks to thick bush. 

The lake has a huge variety of amazing flora and fauna such as trees, grasses and plants, some are unique to the area. But also, there are hundreds of species of butterflies, birds, including spectacular birds of prey such as African fish eagle, Augur buzzard, Black kites. The lake is the Caldera Lake that marks a boundary demarcation between Tanzania and Kenya on the eastern edge of Mount Kilimanjaro; it is 52 km from Moshi town and 8 km north of Taveta Kenya boarder. This lake has a mean depth of 100 meters and it covers the area of 4.2 km2and it has the diameter of 3 km. you suppose to have hiking shoes so as to avoid sleeper on mad trail. Attractions surrounded is the crater rim, bird watching, small mammals such as black & white colobus monkeys, blue monkey and dikdik.