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Mount Meru Treks


There is a big difference between the two mountains in the numbers of visitors. Visitors to meru may meet a couple of other groups during a three to four days climb.

Hiking up Meru is an exceptional experience. It is race to find such privacy for viewing an exciting cross. Section of multi- layered monstrance wildlife to summon up all ones physical resources and to succeed. After all the mountain is Africans fifth highest being eclipsed only by Kilimanjaro (5895 m) kenya (5199 m) Ruwenzori (5106 m) in the congo and Ras dashen (4620 m) in Ethiopia.

Mount Meru height above sea level and the steepness of the climb as one nears the summit nevertheless result in only three quartos of those setting out actually reaching the top. The reason is not the same as with Kilimanjaro. However as there many trekkers are beaten by altitude sickness, whereas on Meru they simply run out of stamina. Especially in the early hours of the mourning the final climb up to the summit of meru from saddle hut is tough going and climbing in the dark is impossible without a torch. Most taxing of all are the final few steep kilometers which demand extreme stamina and total control over one’s body movements.

The summit of Meru is an excellent vantage point a narrow platform poised on the very rim of the crater the steep inner wall of which fall on looker, plummeting strait downwards for 1000 meters or more a prodigious distance even on a global scale. This lofty elevation also provides a wonderful impression of the geological structure of the Meru volcano and the outlines of the national park in the surrounding terrain.

Kilimanjaro rises up on the horizon, but for all its splendor it pales into insignificance compared with the breath taking view of Meru lying there quite tangibly, right at ones fact.

After reaching the summit most people return to the momela Gate the same day. Descending a total of 300 meters in a short time gives many climbers a severe headache however which can be cured by receiving plenty of liquid in the form of drinks or soup. The headache will normally subside the same day in any case.

This is brief description of a trek to the summit of Mt. Meru along the only commonly used route the Momela trail. There are two branches the first day is in most cases spent following the more interesting branch, which is the southern trail that winds through the mountain forest.

The trek described here takes the convectional three rights and four days and over covers 36 km with a net rise in attitude of 3066 m from the momela gate (1500 m) to the summit of Meru (4566 m)

The rights are spent to the Miriakama Hut (2514 m) and saddle hut (3570) although there are permanent park staff on duty at the huts, there are no meal services there. Each group is thus obliged to carry all its food and other supplies. Guide cook and porter services can easily be arranged at the company.