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Kilimanjaro climbing routes


The Marangu route, Is the oldest on Kilimanjaro and also one of the most popular routes in Mount Kilimanjaro. Marangu it is the only route on the mountain that has huts provided for hikers. There are 60 beds each at Mandara and Kibo huts, and 120 bunk beds at Horombo hut. At an altitude of 1870 meters above the sea level Marangu route is located in Marangu village which is south – east side of Mount Kilimanjaro. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on Marangu route is the cheapest option that is why it is known as “coca cola route”

Many trekkers believe that Marangu route is the easiest route to reach on Uhuru peak since it is the only route that can be hiked in 5 days of all route on Mount Kilimanjaro. The Marangu route is the only route that offer hut accommodations, it is also recommended that climbers take an extra day to acclimatize at Horombo hut.

The Marangu route is the only ascend and descend route, this is one of the facts that differentiate the Marangu route with others route of Mount Kilimanjaro. This contributes to it being the most crowded climb route on Kilimanjaro.

The Marangu route has the lowest success rate compared to other route because it is usually chosen by unexperienced and unprepared trekkers who are misled to believe it is the easiest route. If you prepare to climb through this route “keep it in mind and don’t fall for the reason of easy”.


The Umbwe route used to be the steepest, shortest and most direct route to Uhuru peak

Basically, the Umbwe utilized the steep western

Breach and Arrow’s glacier path to the summit

however due to a tragic rock in 2006, the board administrations of Kinapa was closed and reopened it on December 2007 but due to its difficulty and safety risks most travel operators do not offer this route as an option, but if necessary only to be select by clients. The Umbwe route now joins the Machame route on the evening of the second day. following the southern circuit to the summit and descending via to the Mweka gate route.


The Shira route Is one of the two longer Kilimanjaro climb routes that starts on the western side. and another relative route starts from western is the Lemosho. Shira route starts at 3,600 meters and is therefore not ideal for trekkers who have little or no experience of high-altitude trekking. The Shira route is practically identical to the Lemosho route. Infect Shira was the original route before Lemosho. The Lemosho was established to improve the route starts point. Those routes both cross the Shira Plateau before joining the Machame route via Lava tower.

After Shira camp 2 the route joins the Machame route via Lava tower and then descends to the Barranco camp via the southern circuit. The Machame, Umbwe, and Lemosho route, ascent to Uhuru peak is made via Barafu camp and up the southern slopes of Kibo. Descent is via the Mweka gate. and A Shira route can be completed in 6, 7, or 8 days. On the plus side a longer route gives you a better chance to acclimatize to the altitude and better summit chances.


The Rongai route Is the only trail that starts from the northern circuit point side of Mount Kilimanjaro. The Rongai route is market as a remote wilderness experience and for much of the year it still exists. The route offers trekkers a relatively unsploit wilderness, it is possible to see large herd of Elephants, Antelope, and Buffalo.

If you climb Kilimanjaro on the Rongai route during the main season (August to mid October) and if your climb starts on the usual group departure day, you may find yourself in the middle of a pretty big crowd.

The North – East side of the mountain gets significantly less moisture than the southern slopes which means that trekkers are less likely to encounter rain . you may get clear unclouded views of the Mountain scenic.

The Rongai route is flatter than the other Kilimanjaro routes but because of it is profile it does not offer trekkers good options to climb high and sleep low , it can hike on a 6 , 7 or up to 8 days . This route recommended as trekkers have extra days to acclimatize however due to it is remote setting the Rongai route receives the least traffic of all the routes on Kilimanjaro, the Rongai route descends via the Marangu route trail.


The Lemosho is a comparatively newer option, one that quickly became popular once established. The Lemosho is variation of the Shira route as it is pass across Shira plateau. It starts on the western side of Mountain Kilimanjaro at the Londorossi gate and was introduced as an alternative to the Shira route which begins at a higher more challenging altitude. Lemosho is a narrow Wilderness trail right from the beginning passing through pristine and remote rainforest with good chances of seeing wildlife animals likely Buffalos, Elephants. Lemosho is also a fairly demanding route due to both the nature of the terrain and the duration of the trail. Towards Barranco valley via the Southern circuit Lemosho route joins the Machame route at lava tower. On the side Lemosho offers the best chances of any route to acclimatize to the altitude and with that much better summit chances.


Machame route Is one of the most a popular and well profiled Kilimanjaro route. Ever since the budget operators discovered Machame route the traffic on the route has been growing, this is because it is considered the most scenic route up Kilimanjaro. Climbing Kilimanjaro on Machame route is consider to be difficult hence it is jokingly called the “Whiskey route” a tougher route to climb.

Climbing the Machame route is more difficult but not technical difficult. As the climbers need to be able to ascend the Barranco wall on day 4 and contained with a steep incline up to Kibo on summit night.

Total Machame route distance approximately 62 kilometers form gate to gate. One can complete the Machame route on a 6,7or 8 days itinerary. Both options include a climb high, sleep low acclimatization day.